Benefits of Being an Overcomer

WhiteStonesRevisedRevelation Chapters 2 and 3 contain God’s messages to the seven churches.  In those two chapters there is also a description given at the end of the message to each church of the benefits of being one who “overcomes”.  These include:




  1. Allowed to eat from the tree of life, which is in the Paradise of God – 2:7
  2. Not be hurt by the second death – 2:11
  3. Given some of the hidden manna to eat and a white stone with a new name which no one knows except him who receives it – 2:17
  4. Given power over the nations – 2:26
  5. Clothed in white garments and avoid having name taken out of the Book of Life but instead have name confessed by Jesus before God and his angels – 3:5
  6. Be made a pillar in the temple of God and have written on him the name of God and the name of the City of God in the new Jerusalem – 3:12
  7. Granted to sit with Jesus on His throne – 3:21

How do we become an overcomer?  I John 5:5 tells us it is by belief in the Son of God, that is, belief that Jesus is the Son of God and came to die for our sins.  In other words, believing Christians who hold firm to the end (Revelations 2:26) are the overcomers and what amazing promises await us.

What a blessing these passages were to me when I rediscovered them recently.  It fills one with joy to remember that some day soon believers will be with God in heaven.  There we will eat from the tree of life, be given a new name by God, given power over the nations, be clothed in white garments and even sit with Jesus on his throne!  How marvelous for unworthy believers to be given such eternal bliss simply for believing in Jesus and his atoning work for us on the cross.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Being an Overcomer

  1. Great observations and reminder. To have an introduction to the Angels, before the Father, by the Yeshua, King of Kings, that is an astounding contrast and an inconceivable honor. We’ve heard it said, “What counts is who you know.” This connection is above all.


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