Liberal Women on Women

Unknown I read an article about how confused women are today regarding when to marry versus exploiting their single youth.  This article contains a hidden premise that women decide their own destiny and “find a man” and succumb to, “the desire hardwired into all straight men to turn their girlfriends into 1950s housewives.”  The article described a time line for women that rises to an apex around age 27 where they are faced with this decision whether to marry or risk failing to be marriage material.  The premise was not the subject of the article, but it all falls apart unless the authors premise is accepted.  The liberal man hating author is mad that society, biology, and common sense put constraints on (liberal) women. Of course, the two-part premise is utterly false.  No one can direct their own destiny without becoming a foolish miserable failure.  Men are not trappers seeking to thwart young women from realizing their full single womanly potential.

I really enjoyed the subtle slur against “all straight men” and “1950s housewives.”  It really highlights a fallacy of the liberal media’s constant exaltation of all things Homosexual – Gay men will not and cannot marry and bring fulfillment to women. Moreover, what does the stereotype of the “1950s housewife” really mean in this context versus reality in 1950.  In this context of a liberal feminist it is the worst possible existence for any women: house work, hands on rearing of children, respecting their husband, and a conceived entrapment from all things fulfilling, like power, personal disposable income, and unrestrained sexuality.

In reality the 1950s was a time of rapid change away from the drudgery of housework, with the unending development of appliances to ease the work of house keeping, vacuums, automatic washers/dryers, kitchen appliances, etc., all to give women more free time to watch soap operas or exercise.  Also, the 1950s woman was not ashamed of her children nor that she knew best how they should be cared for and raised.  Only in our day where political correctness is tolerated do women deny and pretend to disdain their innate nurturing aptitude and ability.  As proof look at all the Hollywood actresses that quit in order to rear their children.  They have it all by the liberal feminist standard, money, power, fame, glamour, instead what they choose is to be with their children.  All respect is lost for men, particularly in this context husbands who work to provide for their families.  The joke and idiot, Homer Simpson, is the standard-bearer for today’s image of the head of the family, a parody of everything except, one who is worthy of respect.

In the reality of the 1950s, the husband and father worked hard enough to provide for his family, usually as the sole bread-winner.  In the manufacturing and industrial economy of the 1950s, much of the work was dirty, noisy, laborious and tedious, rather than the pleasant office setting portrayed on TV.  Since this is about women, I will not elaborate, but understand that everyone in the family had to contribute and serve each other in and through less than fulfilling duties.  It was not only women who worked and served.

It doesn’t hurt to have advocates for women and liberal women decided to take up the role.  However, long before these angry, self-seeking, men haters showed up in the media, men were the protectors of women.  Chivalry and respect for the weaker (physically speaking) sex, has always been the charge and pleasure of men.  Where there have been lapses and failures it only speaks of the fallen nature of mankind. The rise of the supplanter feminist is a direct consequence, not of the failure of men to protect women, but of the decline of society that has chosen to reject God, truth, and common sense, along with the traditional structure of the family itself. Consequently, we live in a society that is largely fatherless and populated by broken families.  The attacks on men and masculinity have been very successful, but it has not helped anything in any way. Women who listen to the liberal feminist are not finding fulfillment, but instead confusion and frustration through a selfish desire to have things that a broken and deviant society suggest they should pursue.

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