Hate Speech

During an Anti-Defamation League event on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook advocated for censorship of “those who push hate [and] division” across his company’s digital platforms.  He advocated censoring viewpoints that, in his opinion, are  pushing “hate, division, and violence.”

The problem with this censorship policy is the question of who is going to determine what is hateful or violent?  Free speech by its very nature will produce some division among those with differing viewpoints although certainly it should be done with grace and kindness.  One area prominently mentioned in his speech is the LGBTQ community.  A homosexual himself, this is clearly an area important to him and no doubt he would consider the biblical position that the act is immoral and unnatural as hate speech on its face.  However, this is only his opinion.  Millions of Christians in the country would consider it hateful to advocate a homosexual lifestyle,  thereby condemning some persuaded to Hell.  Cook also mentioned the area of illegal aliens where his advocacy for allowing them to flood our country would be considered wicked by many in the country.

Cook has linked the ascendance of President Trump to what he said is a contemporary increase in anti-Semitism and other bigotries describing current times as “a moment when the struggle against hate has renewed importance.”  This is a complete lie as arguably no president has been a bigger supporter of Israel, even moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem.  Further, he has not shown any overt bigotry.  Cook believes President Trump’s denial of illegal aliens to flood our borders is a sign of bigotry which is a ridiculous view (and worthy of censorship itself).  Cook demonstrates his own bigotry against traditional Christian moral values and respect of law.  Do we want a man such as this censoring anything?  Having said that…

My view is that Apple should be allowed to censor any viewpoint on its digital platform that it disagrees with as long as they are open and honest about it.  I also feel that any Christian conservative platform should be allowed to censor any viewpoint that it disagrees with including advocacy for homosexuality.  It is impossible to come to a consensus as to what views should be universally censored by law and short of violent speech or speech that advocates breaking laws (watch out Tim Cook with the illegal aliens) none should be made.  Therefore, as long as we maintain the right to public free speech as individuals I believe a private company should have the right to control its digital platform as it desires.  We just need more Christian/conservative platforms to ensure our viewpoint is heard and, hopefully, prevails.

Cook stated in his speech that evil has been allowed to arise in the past as “those with power and those who ought to have good judgment instead look(ed) the other way.”  He is correct.  Let us as conservative Christians not fail to stand openly against wicked points of view of someone like Tim Cook and other persons that are contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture.

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