Soul-Crushing Barbarity

Recently, two pro-life activists were on there way to sidewalk counsel at the Washington-Surgo abortion clinic in D.C. They spotted a medical-waste-management truck loading boxes. They managed to get the driver to open one of the boxes as they suspected they included aborted babies. They found 110 first-trimester and five late-term babies. One baby was “clearly over 30 weeks and completely whole, and his skin pink. He was just the most beautiful baby boy and we just lost it in that moment.” They named him Christopher X and thought there was a significant chance that he might have been born alive. A lot of late-term abortionists, after around 20 weeks, will use a substance called digoxin to cause a heart attack and kill the baby before they do the dismemberment. But the clinic doesn’t use digoxin because it’s expensive and it’s just easier to deliver the baby whole by dilating and then just leave the baby to die.

A second box opened revealed a little girl. She was well past the point of viability. She had one eye open and was completely intact except the back of her neck which was lacerated and her skull collapsed as the brain had been suctioned out, indicating a potential partial birth abortion. Two other babies were horrifically dismembered. The National Review article that reported this story called it “Soul-Crushing Barbarity” and indeed it is. The abortion ghouls who murder (if not by man’s law certainly by God’s law) these viable babies and their accomplices, the mothers that turn their babies over to them will face the sure judgment of God.

One problem with the approach of the Pro-Life movement is that it focuses its ire primarily against the abortionist and sometimes excuses and/or ignores the mothers who take the babies to the abortionist. The thought is that many times the mothers are backed into a corner, getting pregnant and without the means to support the baby either financially or emotionally. However, many babies today are just aborted due to convenience alone. Either way, mothers need to be held responsible and made to feel guilt for participating in the killing of their babies, to discourage their participation. The abortionist could not perform their ghoulish business without the mothers. The aborted babies are more important than the feelings of the mother or even the hardships a baby could present for a young mother. Christians should be there to help mothers who carry their babies to term and there are many churches/organizations who are ready to help. Above all, we should pray for these mothers and and even the abortionists that they may repent and do the right thing.


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