First Attack

I was in the fifth grade when I was attacked for expressing “conservative” views. I was bussed from the neighborhood in which I lived to a predominantly black area of town. I had a black teacher, though her ethnicity made no difference to me, nor the racial makeup of my class. I was brought up to deal with people on an individual basis, not by stereotypical classes or identity. Some people are good, some not so good, but it’s determined individually. I mention these facts to show how society was in transition in 1967 and that it was impacting kids.

In English class we were giving book reports on what we had read. A girl was reporting on, “The Naked Ape”, by Desmond Morris. This book was full of sexual comparisons and illustrations, as indicated by the title, which no doubt increased the books popular success. It was widely criticized by scientific and archaeological authorities, but its conclusion was that various sexual distinctions between humans and animals somehow supported evolutionary theory. In her book report, my classmate recounted the author’s explanation for human’s diminished body hair as compared to Apes. “Human’s have body hair only in certain places, because we once lived in water which washed off our hair, except where it was out of water or covered, like on our head and under our arms,” she stated. She added other comments and finished her report. The teacher commended her and asked if there were any questions. I had the poor judgment to ask how this made any sense given that we have longer hair besides on our head and underarms. Our teacher took up the defense of Morris’s book, saying that I knew nothing and was simply responding from my ignorant uneducated Bible based background. I offered a fifth grade rebuttal that my comments had nothing to do with Christianity or the Bible, but rather common sense and observation. Again she explained this was a scientific book and religion should not be brought into the classroom, finishing her attack upon my question which was based simply on logic.

Obviously, these are not quotes of my comments or her responses, but the gist is accurate. Yes, my parents were devout Christians and I did attend church regularly, where evolution was criticized and frowned upon, but I wasn’t an activist or crusader against evolution theory in the fifth grade. In 1967, broader society viewed evolution as a theory, not as the scientific fact it has become today. The book is not politically correct as it paints a dismal subservient view of women which today’s feminists vehemently decry. In the sixties, free thinker’s like Morris could easily get published with provocative suggestions and ideas opposed to society’s classical foundations, as logic, scientific evidence or support was unnecessary. 

What may have been unique in 1967, was a teacher ostracizing a student and criticizing his faith, for simply posing a logical question. Fifty-five years later society is filled with the product of such behavior and thinking. Political correctness has silenced debate in classrooms and much of the public square. Bold lies are being declared truth and enforced by threat of cancellation and/or personal destruction. It should be a wake-up call to everyone that our society has been taken over, without our vote or consent. What remains is faith in God and His unshakable Kingdom, “for our God is a consuming fire.” (Heb. 12:25-29)

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