Injustice in High Places

The light of truth is very important, the founders of America understood this and guaranteed free speech as a tool to protect against the darkness of censorship, lies, and failure to expose criminal behavior. Today, the Media Oligarchy and its Democrat collaborative work very hard to silence truth in all spheres. Consequently, most honorable truth-loving people have tuned out the Media. Nevertheless, truth cannot be completely obscured as whistleblowers or those trampled by liars or honest people come forward to report corruption. This is where a corrupt politically motivated DOJ and FBI comes in to thwart investigations that are demanded by law and conduct fake investigations of honest people. Now, the forces of darkness are working in advance, the presence and after the fact to obscure their culpability. I makes it very hard for truth seekers to stay focused. 

A prime example is the intentional “leak” of the draft Supreme Court opinion repealing Roe v Wade. People were outraged at something that never happened in the High Court and the Chief Justice assured us the culprit would be found. The Media began to foment public outrage for political purposes, the Democrats raged, the election was manipulated and that was the end of the matter. Where is Justice Robert’s with the culprit who leaked the draft opinion? Where is the investigation? Was it one of the liberal justices who committed this crime? Is this silence protecting a corrupt liberal justice? Was the Chief Justice the leaker? The Supreme Court is a small group, isolated as in the game of clue. Where are the facts, so the public can identify the one who committed this crime? When the High Court conceals criminal activity among its highest ranks, what is to be done? We can be reasonably sure the Justices supporting the opinion were excused, as the humanist left would quickly move to impeach, but now they are silent and no one has even been accused, much less indicted? 

This is just one example of many, where unprecedented corruption is indicated, promptly censored, never investigated, and hidden from the public. How can anyone have faith in any branch of government when it conspires to coverup corruption? President Nixon was forced out of office by the liberal media’s depiction of his efforts to cover up a petty crime in which he was not involved. Today, the Humanist Socialist media is covering up widespread crimes and corruption by Democrats in every branch of Government. What will it take to awaken the public from their media induced hypnosis? Where are the champions of our Republic? What happened to the slogan, “Truth, Justice and the American way.” Has the Media  turned the American people against themselves so much that our own government is betraying and selling us out to foreign powers; making us feel ashamed of the greatest country in Human history, and blinded us to our foundation of “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

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