Israel’s Example

Israel is in crisis, because it’s recently elected Prime Minister and Coalition Government have declared they will strip the Supreme Court of its authority, leaving them as the sole unrestricted law making body of government. The problem lies with the ultra orthodox who believe they should be directing the nation without balance or limitation. PM Netanyahu put the government together and his position is linked to the ultra orthodox parties. The Israeli public sees this as the end of democracy, which it is. Most recently the Defense Minister issued a warning on public TV, that this controversy and it’s related non-stop protests in the streets was sending a message to the enemies of Israel that the nation was weak and he stressed that security was in serious jeopardy. The next day he was verbally fired by Netanyahu. Even reserve pilots and military personnel were refusing to serve, if the Supreme Court was stripped of its authority. This brought massive record breaking protests in the streets, and the Defense Minister was eventually restored to his position.

At first glance it is all terribly disturbing for the only Democracy in the Middle East to be in such dire straits. However, the unity and passionate, peaceful protests of the vast majority of Israelis are being heard. The proposal has been suspended for now. 

These protest were not like those in America which were staged and organized by radical political groups. In Israel they included the mainstream of the public, rather the violent militant minorities who’s real purpose was to lute and destroy businesses. Another difference is that Israel still has a truthful media which was independent of the controlling political party. The availability of truth is essential to a free nation. 

Would the American public protest and fight for democracy in our nation? Little by little the Democrat party and it’s propaganda arm in the high-tech media push the boundaries of constitutional authority to form a socialist state. They used Covid as an excuse, but have not stopped promoting woke ideology, open borders and uncontrolled spending which are weakening the nation and putting it on a path of destruction. The Republican opposition is complicit in many ways and limited by only controlling the House of Representatives. The Supreme Court has restrained several of Biden’s unconstitutional mandated executive orders, but the open border and needless spending to collapse are unrestrained. Will the majority of the disapproving public take a stand and demand a return to our constitutional republic before the tyrannical Democrats destroy the foundations of America? Tyrants are loose and active in free nations, as well as communist dictatorships. An example in tiny Israel is shining the way of a government by the people and for the people. Lord, save and deliver your people from the enemy.

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