Now and Later Part 2

UnknownThe emergence of the state of Israel once again after almost two thousand years in exile, yet remaining an identifiable and distinct people, is a remarkable physical achievement, as well as the fulfillment of ancient Biblical prophecy with many spiritual connotations. In these most recent years the Church has become a great supporter of Israel and the Jewish people.  The significance of this is spiritual, in that, as the church begins to understand the importance of its Jewish roots, she is aligning more closely with the spiritual purposes that are articulated in scripture.  Among these are a love for the Israeli people, as expressed by God in the Scriptures, a desire expressed passionately by Yeshua that His own people would accept Him as their Messiah, a recognition of the scriptural promises that were made to Abraham that God would bless those who blessed Him and His descendants and a recognition of the material role that Israel is to play in the prophetic revelation of the end days preceding the return of the Messiah to earth.  Because the Church is the body of Messiah on earth it is very natural that His affections would be expressed in the heart of His Church.  So, while I indicated some specifics that may be cause for this support and attention, the actual initiation and originator is the Lord and King of the Church, Himself.

Where God is working, the enemy is often seeking to kill, steal, and destroy, yet He is defeated and presents no threat to the fulfillment of God’s will.  The secular world is becoming more and more wicked and more opposed to God’s word and God’s people.  In their pride and arrogance they have no protection from the enemy and he conscripts them to his service.  A new level of tension is trending now between the world and the Church.  A greater tension between the physical and spiritual.  This is not a yen and yang  struggle of two equals, nor a struggle between parties who are both devoted to conquest. The Church is indifferent toward the world, but for its proclamation of the truth; caring for the innocent and oppressed, and following in the path of love and righteousness.  The world is led by a twisted evil maniac who cares nothing for the humans who are in his service.  Everything is hated by the master hater.

A more homogeneous consistency of the Church and world is trending now.  The Church was once widespread, but thin and shallow with many nonbelievers who merely accepted the designation for social reasons.  It was fragmented over minor doctrines and somewhat ineffective, but for a remnant of devout believers and momentum generated by ancestors who were great in faith and deed.  Likewise, the world was fragmented in its various selfish ambitions and power struggles between fiefdoms of the wicked.  Hell is never unified, but by force and that only temporarily.  So, we see the world factions unifying against the church, Israel and American freedom and liberty, in addition to the one true God of all, its classical opponent.

Trending now, historic changes are moving more rapidly than could ever be imagined. The rise of Islam, the reestablishment of the State of Israel, unbridled lasciviousness and blatant abomination welcomed, exalted and profaned in Europe and America.  On the contrary, multitudes coming to faith in China and through supernatural intervention across the globe in dark oppressive societies is happening.  A purification and unification of the true body of Messiah is taking place.  Other items are: Nuclear weaponry raising the consequences of World War and a proliferation of this technology and associated delivery systems to rogue nations.  The spread of computerized communications, commerce, finance, controls and connections through the Internet among a global community has happened over night. Almost no one could drive an automobile one hundred years ago, now automobiles are driving themselves.

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