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I have been involved in a lot of church work my whole life, but I consider Yeshua to be everything and the hidden life in Him. I was part of the Jesus movement revival of the early 1970's and I have a heart for Israel.

The Greatest Thing Sought

05_28_1_webEternal life…..movies and books have fantasized about its attainment, Cortez searched the new world for “The fountain of youth”.  People are seeking to live longer lives and life expectations for populations are increasing.However, who can deliver on such a promise. 

God alone promises eternal life…

Atheist And Proud Of It, But Why

atheismThis is a partial list of celebrities who are purportedly atheist by News N Buzz website and comments attributed to each.  It is likely profitable to be atheist in Hollywood, so as to the true heart-felt beliefs of these folks, it is hard to say, and since they are alive, they may yet come to faith, particularly, as they age or drop out of the limelight or favor with Hollywood or the political left who seem to run it.  However, these objections to religion and/or God, provide an interesting sample of complaints, demands, dreams, and misunderstandings to support their unbelief.

  • We invented God.  Morgan Freeman

The Church in America Today and Tomorrow

40931612-christian-music-concert-with-raised-handThe Pew Center did a massive survey in May 2015, generating many statistics, in general concluding that evangelical churches were growing while others were declining.  Also, within Evangelical churches “non-denominational” churches were growing significantly.  American society as represented in the media is in decline morally and spiritually, aided by liberal judges in the Supreme Court and in the other two branches of Government.  This should come as no surprise, unless it is about the speed with which American society is transforming. What does this mean to those comprising the church in America? What lies ahead given such circumstances?  What is happening in the American church irrespective of statistics of population?

The church, the…

A Word of Encouragement

faith-hebrews-11_6You can have greater faith now.  Hear, think, remember, read, meditate, pray, seek, ask, inquire about Messiah Yeshua, and as you do listen, faith will rise.  Everywhere God is blessing His people, even those who are just turning to Him, those who are weighed down by the cares of this world, the brokenhearted, those in great need, those in peril, the weak and wounded, and everyone who calls on the name of the Lord.  God is good.  God is loving to all He has made.  Every good and perfect gift comes from God.  He is near and He knows all things; your very hairs are numbered; he cares for the small birds and flowers of the fields – you are of much greater worth than these, so His care and love for you is equally greater – Hebrews 12:1-2.  Therefore, since we are surrounded by such…

Feelings vs Mental Assent

baptism_holy-spiritThese  are two aspects of faith and they offer much to debate and divide those who favor a particular view.  In revival we see each in operation, but mental assent is much more difficult to observe than the emotions and associated feelings which flood out in all sorts of expression.  Is a particular revival event truly a work of God or simply a show of men? Always and necessary is the Bible’s admonition to test the spirits (1 Thess. 5:19). That test is based on the fruit that is produced.

A relevant scripture…

God’s Timing

waiting-on-the-lordEverything of God is perfect, so when we look at His timing it is amazing.  In His timing He can be severe, as well as gracious.  When Abraham was asked to offer his only son Isaac as a sacrifice, immediately after God stopped Abraham, he supplied a ram that was caught in a thicket for the sacrifice (Gen. 22:13).  When God sent the prophet Nathan to confront King David with his sin, Nathan told him that there was a rich man with thousands of sheep, who took a poor man’s only lamb instead of his own sheep.  David became outraged, and demanded the life of the man who did this.  Nathan replied, “You are the man” (2 Sam. 12:7).  God uncovered David…

Recognizing the Holy Spirit

what-is-the-holy-spirit-dove-1The critical issue in our Christian walk is will we be led by the Spirit or by self, human will, skill, thought, ego, imagination or other motivations. How is the distinction made – even when it is acknowledged to be wholly critical?  Here is a list (in no particular order) based on scripture and illustrated by personal experience.

  • Cover decisions in prayer – Prayer is for every occasion, every person and every purpose.[i] The Holy Spirit leads and inspires prayer,[ii] therefore, in prayer the Holy Spirit was be very active.
  • Note the constancy of peace within – We are called…

A Vision in Worship on Easter Sunday

Fallen AtheleteI saw an athletic event at an outdoor stadium.  The athletes were highly skilled and the competition fierce.  There were many spectators cheering for the champions.  As the event neared its conclusion, a weaker participant faltered and fell.  Falling to the field he was broken and defeated.  The crowd was silent and seated bearing with humiliation for the loser.  Then from the stands a solitary figure stood and walked onto the field, helped the fallen athlete to his feet, embraced him in friendship and exited, not shying from the crowd’s contempt for defeat.

I marveled at the sight…