God’s Timing

Everything of God is perfect, so when we look at His timing it is amazing.  In His timing He can be severe, as well as gracious.  When Abraham was asked to offer his only son Isaac as a sacrifice, immediately… Read More ›

Brokenhearted Sinner

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is known for his opposition to Hitler ending in his martyrdom and also for great works he published including “Costs of Discipleship”.   However, before these events, right after he obtained his doctorate and became eligible for the… Read More ›

Fear God and Live

What truth we know is from God; some directly via written form and other via individual revelation.  Other information, mostly erroneous or out right untruths abound from suggestions of the enemy and imaginations of men.  Truth is not time sensitive… Read More ›

The Unman

I have often imagined Satan as a super intelligent being perhaps only a little less intelligent than God himself.  However, in the fiction story told in the book, Perelandra, written by C. S. Lewis the being representative of Satan is… Read More ›

An Ordinary Life

I was recently reading about the life of Bronson Alcott, Father of the author of “Little Women” and prominent Unitarian. The book contained a quote from his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous author and leading Unitarian minister of his… Read More ›