Holy Spirit Review

I have passion for more Holy Spirit in you, me and the world. I don’t apologize for this, but I don’t want to repeat myself, more than a little, so I have prepared an index, in no particular order, of our exhortations of the Spirit, though it may not be complete.

Obtaining the Power of the Spirit    10/24/2017 Larry Foster


Obedience to God releases Holy Spirit Power

Spiritual Warmup    1/11/2022 Steve White

Attitudes of welcoming the Spirits leading in prayer

Pass Time or Spirit Time    10/12/2021 Steve White

Encouragement in Spirit lead communion with God

Following the Spirit’s Lead    9/2/2012 Steve White

Practical steps necessary in yielding to Holy Spirit guidance

A Term for God’s Work     3/2/2021 Steve White

Maturing in relationship with the Holy Spirit 

The Spirit Lead Congregation   2/16/2021Steve White

Scriptures promising and distinguishing the Spirit from the natural

The Spirit is in You    6/18/2020 Steve White

Encouragement in the promise of the indwelling Holy Spirit

His Work.   5/25/2020

The nature of God’s work through the Spirit in Believers

Spiritual Sight      1/6/2020 Steve White

The Spirit’s illumination of our brokenness for repentance and surrender to an authentic image of Yeshua

Holy Spirit Leading     8/6/2019 Steve White

Various indications and characteristics necessary for abdication of our rule for the rule of Holy Spirit

Walking in the Spirit     6/28/2019 Larry Foster

Encouragement for walking in the the Spirit Gal. 5:25

Spirit Undiminished     3/31/2019  Steve White

Purity of the Spirit illustrated in the innocence of infants and God’s design

Spiritual Sight       3/25/2019 Steve White

Encouragement to see with God’s perspective by His Spirit

Holy Spirit Light     3/28/2018.  Steve White

Supernatural Holy Spirit unity in prayer and conversation 

Soul vs Spirit Expression      3/13/3018 Steve White

Contrasting faith as initiator of Spiritual expression versus reason

Spiritual Acts    9/28/2017 Steve White

Describing yearning, submission, worship God desires and transforms into acceptable offerings

The Poor in Spirit   8/15/2017 Larry Foster

Expounding Matthew 5:3 and the necessity of humility, contrition and submission

The Opposite Spirit    7/6/2017 Steve White

Distinguishing transformation from mimicry as to authentic Spirituality 

The Gift of Discerning Spirits    2/27/2017

Biblical examples and descriptions of the gifts of discerning spirits 

Spiritual Authority    2/23/2017 Steve White

Relationship between God’s authority and the Holy Spirits leading

The Works of God     2/15/2017. Steve White 

Holy Spirit enabling produces works pleasing and prepared by God

Holy Spirit Basics Part II    1/15/2017  Steve White 

Spiritual Gifts distinguished and scriptures contradicting the suggestion that these gifts and scriptures are now defunct.

Holy Spirit Basics Part I     1/14/2017 Steve White

Scriptures describing Gifts of the Spirit and why these exist today for Believers with faith

Holy Spirit in Jars of Clay   12/29/3016 Steve White

Centrality and wonder of God’s plan to impart His Spirit into every Believer

Recognizing The Holy Spirit    9/1/2016 Steve White

List of things which are helpful in discerning the Spirits voice

Word of Wisdom   7/28/22 Steve White

Sharing a Word of Wisdom from the Spirit

Prayer Debriefing 1- 8    5/3/2022Steve White 

These are ongoing Spirit inspired prayers for all followers


I can not recommend my associate Larry Foster too highly as a fellow disciple of Yeshua Messiah. He has been more than a friend, partner, compatriot, mentor, helper, and team member. What I have seen in this man is the love of God expressed through forgiveness, grace, kindness, forbearance, compassion, acceptance understanding and guidance. If scripture is true, I’ve witnessed that, “…there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24)

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